Animals are a creature that brings happiness to the faces of many people every day. They are loving, compassionate and a friend to all people. Animal help in allowing people to be more loving because of the compassion animals give us to.

There are many reasons to love animals few of them are as follows :-

1)They are cute.
2) They love you as much as you love them.
3) They are a friend with a lot of benefits.
4) They bring happiness on your face no matter how bad a day you have, they are there to greet you and make you feel better.
5)In the case of loneliness, they can be the best friend and relieve your loneliness.

Animals come with a lot of benefits. If you consider a dog as a pet. A dog can be a great advantage and great protection. Dogs have a great instinct for learning. They can be trained even by the crime investigating department and had successfully worked out to catch the criminals. A dog is a very faithful creature. People keep dogs as a pet for reasons liking firs as well as a constant watchman by night and day.

Sometimes even wild animals save people. Few examples are as follows:-
⦿ Three lions save a girl from kidnappers.
⦿ Pod of Dolphins protection a lifeguard & a family from the shark attack.
⦿Deer chase down the women’s attacker.


There is an incident in the USA, On Sunday when everyone was sleeping, unfortunately, the house catches fire and only the dog was awake and there was all around the house. Human nose sleeps a lot it neglects all smell when you smell.

After watching smoke dog went upstairs and started barking, by hearing barking the lady of the house wake up and a saw smell and little flame around the house. She immediately wakes up her husband and took their children went out of the house through the window, while they were escaping flames got bigger. The dog didn’t make to the out of the house and die sadly. This shows that animals care for their master first then for themselves.

We should show love them as they can’t talk, they aren’t express their feelings. They have to live in cold, rain or warm.


Animal’s eye have the power to speak a great language

Martin Buber.

Animal are such agreeable friends that they ask no question, they pass no criticisms.


The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way, its animals are treated.

Mahatma Gandhi.

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