Poverty is being one of the major problem in a developing country. It is one of the reason in India that Indian has 5th largest GDP but GDP per capita is 145th rank. Poverty slows down the growth of a developing nation by making its some population lagging and it creates a kind of stress on the government to overcome it. Poverty destroys upcoming next generation of the family as the parents aren’t able to afford the fees of educational institutes so poverty has to be eliminated for the next generation so that they can contribute to the well being of a nation.

Reason for Poverty

Most of the time illiteracy is the main cause of poverty in a region. Illiteracy makes the people lag behind and cant competitive in the world of globalization in modern-day of technologies. It is also because of the lack of jobs opportunities in the region. Urban areas offer many jobs opportunities but in the rural area, the employment opportunities are less and they have to depend on the traditional method of earning i.e, Shop, farming, driving, etc. Lacking in a certain type of skill after graduation also lead to rejection from the market. Uneducated people, if also they don’t have kind of skills in a particular field lead to unemployment which eventually leads them into poverty.

How it can be tackled?

Getting literate must be the first and most important to get out of poverty. As it open, a lot of job opportunity and this is the most important tool to get out of poverty.
1)PERSON FALLS IN POVERTY: As a person who is below the poverty line should try to learn a certain type of skill, for example, A person can learn driving a vehicle from a friend who drives or from a government institution. Later He/She can apply for a taxi driver or rickshaw driver licence. after this, he/she can rent a car and start a career as a driver.
2) GOVERNMENT: As a Government, the government should provide jobs opportunity to the people. They should provide the number of jobs as per stated by the World Bank. They also should open free institution where people below poverty can be trained in a particular field for free and after complementation of the course, the government should provide job to them in the market. Also, the government should regulate their program.
3) INDIVIDUAL: As the person above the poverty line, we should understand those poor people aren’t meant for sympathy only, they are meant for the opportunity to show that they are also worthy. We can donate some part of our income to NGOs, that work in providing jobs opportunity to these people or provide education to their children so that the next generation is out of poverty.

Can money used in space exploration be better used in reducing poverty?

I think Space Exploration paved a way into the future world and it should never be compromised. As the space exploration mission providing a lot of job opportunities and indirectly contribute to reducing poverty from the world. This will later flourish into the industry and will provide a lot of job opportunities in future. Think if the IT industry wasn’t formed, today millions of people might be jobless, so this industry will provide job opportunities in future.


Poverty is the worst form of violence.

Mahatma Gandhi

As long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality exist in our world, none of us can truly rest.

Nelson Mandela

When a poor person dies of hunger, it has not happened because God did not take care of him or her. It has happened because neither you nor I wanted to give that person what he or she needed.

Mother Teresa

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